Our Vision: Inspired People.  Engaged Communities.  ​Helping Families Smile, One Room at a Time.

The kick-off event for A Room to Heal was held in December 2005, with a fundraising luncheon to share the idea. Over 40 local women attended, many giving donations and signing up to be involved. From that luncheon, a board was created, with seven people meeting every few weeks to develop the organization. The board created a referral process, mailing list, fundraising plans, promotional materials and more. In 2006, A Room to Heal became incorporated and obtained its 501(c)3 non-profit status.

Our Mission:  Our Mission is to create a healing environment in the homes of children affected                                by serious medical conditions in our communities

A Room to Heal is the "brain child' of two local mothers who wanted to make a difference in the Binghamton, NY area. One of the mothers learned first-hand what it means to have a seriously ill child when her son was diagnosed with leukemia. Thanks to a life-saving bone marrow transplant, her son is now leading a healthy, normal life. But both women felt passionate about the need for children to have a calming, peaceful and uplifting environment in order to heal. Their passion led them to create this organization to help families and the children who are suffering from critical illness.


The design of an environment can have a therapeutic effect on a sick child. Studies clearly show that a whole range of environmental factors -- including lighting, color, aroma, views, art, scale, proportion, sound, texture and materials -- have a powerful healing and therapeutic effect on patients. Healing environments may lead to: faster patient recoveries, reduced pain, fewer cases of infection, greater patient satisfaction and reduced stress among parents/caregivers. Good environments make us feel better, and feeling better is the key to getting better.