A Room to Heal, Inc.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets once a month. In addition board members participate in committees which also generally meet once a month. Additional members for committees are always welcome. The committees are: Room Selection, Funding Opportunities, Marketing & Promotion, Finance, Technology, Design, Volunteer and Governance. For more information or to get involved, contact aroomtoheal@gmail.com

Laurie Abess
Linda Salomons

2013 Board of Directors:
Laurie Abess
Ron Abess 
Megan Ford
Nancy Heichemer
Kristin Mahoney
Laura Sehn
Linda Snyder

Previous Board Members:
Anna Addonisio 
Katie Blaine
Joe Cerra 
Liz DeVivo 
Kelly Ford   
Angela Kehoe
Janet Levine 
Kara Mulcahy 
Wendy Neuberger 
Lynn Orlando 
Jeff Pilarchik 
Jo Ann Rheinheimer 
Carol Rizzuto 
Linda Salomons
Jenny Schorr 
Anne Strahm
Carol Yeager

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