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Tiernan's Room

Tiernan's Room

Meet Tiernan! This amazing kid is 8 years old and was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia in the spring of 2017. In December, he underwent a stem cell transplant with his 9 year old brother Brennan as the donor. Since then, Tiernan has been living in the hospital and the Ronald McDonald House in NYC with his parents as he recovers. Meanwhile, Brennan has been living with his grandparents in Binghamton.

The boys share a room, so coming home to their new bedroom was a heartwarming surprise for both of them. Tiernan is an incredibly active child who has found even more energy as his blood cell counts have increased since the transplant. He loves to dance and have family dance parties. The boys also both love all superheroes. The project team decided to combine the two into a Superhero Dance Party room. It features light-up superhero decor, a disco ball, and sound reactive lights. We also included a smart TV and Xbox Kinect so the boys can listen to music and play video games together.

Thank you to the project team consisting of Lisa Johnson, Joe Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Jessica Duncan, Deanna Shovlowsky, and Emily Brown. Dan Brown, Jason Brown, and Travis Beagel also donated a substantial amount of time assisting with construction.

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