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Layla's Room

Meet Layla! She is an energetic, beautiful 5 year old girl with Hypotonia (low muscle tone) and global developmental delays. She uses a wheelchair, has limited verbal skills, and relies on her parents to help her do things like getting dressed and eating.

Layla loves anything Frozen & Elsa related and especially loves books!

This team created a Frozen healing space for Layla as it is most important for her to have a comfortable, safe and quiet place to relax when she is not at African Road Elementary School. She becomes overwhelmed and needs to spend alone time in her room to decompress. We also provided her with developmental toys and tools in order to enhance therapies that she is receiving at school.

Thank you to Kelly Pollack Smith, Haleigh Smith, Holly Zembek, and Avery Zembek for all of their planning and hard work. Thank you also to Endwell Flooring, Best Buy, Susan Cain, Joseph Smith Painting, & CDR Electric for your donations of goods and services.

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