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Brayden's Room

Brayden's Room

Meet 10 year old Brayden! He has gastroparesis and has had many surgeries because of his condition. Brayden loves football and basketball but has not been able to participate in physical activity recently as he tires easily. His favorite teams are the 49ers and Miami Heat. He loves videogames and spends a great deal of his time on his Xbox One since he can’t enjoy playing outdoors. His favorite game is Fortnite. He also likes Legos, puzzles (1000 piece or 3D), Star Wars, reading (Roald Dahl is his favorite), and superheroes.

A team of volunteers, led by Katie Chandler, created an amazing space for Brayden, full of all of the things he loves. His new bedroom gives him a place to take his mind of off everything he's going through and to focus on just being a kid!

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