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Elliyana's Room

Elliyana's Room

Elliyana is a 13 year old girl who is bright and funny! She loves vampires and other popular shows like Riverdale and Stranger Things. She is extremely easy going and just loves to hang out and watch Netflix or play video games. Elly has been living with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy and a Madelung deformity, she can no longer walk or stand because of a broken leg. She also had invasive hip surgery this past January. Elly spends most of her time in her bed or her wheel chair. Elly had difficulty transferring from room to room or from her bed to her chair, so a ceiling unit was installed allowing her to move much easier. With Elly’s low mobility, she has been losing muscle tone in her hands and arms which is making it harder to use everyday electronics.

The goal for Elliyana’s room was to transform it into a user friendly, voice activated oasis. Utilizing technology, such as the Alexa software, she can easily turn her lights, TV, and speakers on and off. This has created a cool space for her to enjoy time with friends and family members. The room has grey and red accents, red is her favorite color! Her bathroom was also painted to ensure she had a nice color pop for her spunky personality.

We had several people help us with this room. Thanks goes out to the following businesses for their help and support of a Room to Heal: Best Buy in Vestal NY and several Best Buy team members, Sherwin Williams, Brushes over Broome, Jose Fuentes (our mural man!), Dave Stewart, Mathew Livermore, Lowes, Olums, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target.

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