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Enzo's Room

Enzo's Room

Enzo is 18 months old. In January of 2017, he got sick and was soon diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had the tumor surgically removed and has been through 4 rounds of chemotherapy in the past year. His recent scans have come back clear but he does have some lasting effects from the tumor and radiation.

Enzo shares his room with his 3 year old brother Dominic. They both love motorcycles, cars, trucks, and basically anything with wheels on it. The project team decided to go with a car and truck themed bedroom for the boys which includes a car play rug, road themed dresser, and a bookshelf full of transportation books as Enzo loves to read.

The team consists of Lisa Johnson, Joe Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Jessica Duncan, and Deanna Shovlowsky. We'd like to thank Endwell Rug for their contribution of discounted carpet and installation.

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