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Javien's Room

Javien's Room

Meet Javien, a 4 year old boy with boundless personality and a contagious smile! He keeps busy by playing with his super hero toys, singing, dancing, playing video games and enjoying the spotlight when he can.
Two years ago, Javien was diagnosed with T-cell leukemia. Since being diagnosed, he has undergone 26 surgeries. He will continue to undergo surgeries with spinal taps every other month, and will continue to receive chemotherapy every month until 2/21/20.

The goal for Javien’s room makeover was to provide him with his own personal space where he can both play and relax, all while being surrounded and supported by his favorite super hero - Spider Man!
This room make-over could not have been done without the very creative and talented efforts lent by Nicole and her team at Brushes Over Broome. A very special thanks also goes to Jose Fuentes for his time and artistry in creating a personalized mural special for Javien. ARTH would like to personally thank Kim Abdelazim for leading this entire room makeover!

Thank you to Liz at Logowise for her time and creative talents; and thank you to all the volunteer efforts coordinated through the employees of Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Finally thanks to the following area business for their for their generosity and continued support: Home Plus, Endwell Rug Company, Lowe’s, and Home Depot.

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