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Joe's Room

Joe's Room

Joe is a 12 year old boy who is a huge Aaron Judge fan! His room is also our 100th healing room project!

Joe has been dealing with medical issues since he was 8, his conditions require him to undergo painful and invasive surgeries and procedures. Despite his medical challenges, Joe is a typical 12 year old boy who loves baseball, plays Fortnite, and enjoys having friends over. His new room encompasses all of these things! His new bunk bed has a futon that serves as a couch to sit on and play video games on his new Smart 4k video gaming TV, and also acts as a second bed. His room got a new paint job, complete with a Yankee pinstriped wall and Aaron Judge’s number 99. A Fat Head of Aaron judge is a focal point. Joe also got a new Nintendo Switch, which he can take with him when he travels to appointments to keep his mind off of his procedures.

Room to Heal would like to thank Warehouse Carpet for donating flooring, Lowes of Binghamton for discounting paint and supplies, and Sharon Wild from A Wild Sign Company for installing a vinyl 99. Also, thank you to the Rumble Ponies for having 7 players and staff members come out to help with Joe’s room makeover and for inviting him throw the first pitch at Sunday’s game where he also got to meet Tim Tebow! The room remodel was led by Matthew Paske and Chris Paske, along with Laura and Brian Sehn.

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