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Josh's Room

Josh's Room

Josh is 13 years old and has early onset Krabbe Disease. Approximately 1.5 years ago, he started experiencing issues on one side which was originally thought to be a stroke. The doctors found that the disease was in his peripheral nervous system, causing him to slowly lose function in his right arm, legs, back, and neck. Josh can no longer crawl or use the fingers on his right hand. Researchers are working on gene therapy, but the solution is 2-3 years from being complete. Josh continues to have nerve condition studies and MRIs; he sees a specialist in Pittsburgh. Josh needs surgery on his back as he has scoliosis which has gotten worse since many of the nerves in his back are now dead.

Josh loves everything to do with Police officers. He collects patches, badges, coins, hats, and other police memorabilia from different states. He even wants to be an officer when he grows up. Josh also loves the movie Cars and playing superhero video games.

Josh is an amazing young man who you cannot help but fall in love with the moment you meet him. From eating meals with the team to singing to them as they work, he is a ray of sunshine to those who meet him. The team has been working hard to deliver a room that will blend everything Josh enjoys with a tranquil healing space where he can relax and heal at home.

Generous support from the community has made this project possible. Some of the amazing individuals that we would like to thank are: Rich Fancher and the entire Fancher Family along with the Dave Fancher Memorial Golf Tournament for their monetary donation year after year, Jim and Christine Schell and the amazing volunteers that assisted with Phase 1 of this project. We wish we could list every volunteer that has had a hand, whether monetarily or hands on, in making this room incredible. This room project was led by Kelly Smith and Rich Fancher. A special thank you to Home Depot, New Milford Hardware, Best Buy, Raymour and Flanigan and the NY and PA State Police for their support of A Room to Heal.

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