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Noah's Room

Noah's Room

Noah is a sweet 3 year old boy with caudal regression syndrome, a disorder that impairs the development of the lower half of the body. Noah is eager to meet new people and show off his toys in his room. He loves fish of all kinds, although his favorite marine animal is an octopus. He enjoys listening to music, books, and drawing. Although his mother notes he has chronic pain due to his condition, he sure doesn’t let that stop him from having a kind hearted and friendly demeanor.

Noah’s makeover was put together with his height and love for all things water/fish in mind. We have provided him with a platform bed with a custom stepstool to allow him to get in and out of bed on his own with ease. He has a drawing area with a low-rise table and chairs to complete crafts and draw. His room also has a salt-water tank complete with 2 clownfish, hermit crabs and an anemone. It is at a height where he can interact and feed his fish on his own. Additionally, he now has a closet storage unit where he can independently reach items he needs on his own.

Ashley Marconi, project manager, would like to give a huge shout out to Margaret Daniels at Electric City Aquarium in Scranton, PA for her generous donation of tickets for Noah and his family to visit. She did not hesitate when asked for a willingness to donate tickets and even offered to have a private tour guide to take Noah and his family through the attraction when he arrives. Ashley also wants to put a big thank you out to her daughter Madison, husband Paul, mother Lisa and step-daughter Alexis for helping with another room makeover. “It has truly become a treasured experience working with A Room to Heal, and we wish Noah and his mother Jennifer many years of happy memories in his new room!”

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