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Ronan's Room

Ronan's Room

Ronan was diagnosed with Congenital Scoliosis, and early on faced multiple health issues including open-heart surgery as a baby. Recently he had back surgery, and had to travel to Philadelphia because he broke his arm.....this guy is a little warrior!

Ronan is three year old and LOVES trains (his dad is actually a train engineer!), books, and Doc McStuffins. His new room features a Thomas the Train theme, with pictures his mom took of trains on the walls, and a special "fort" bed with a reading nook...and of course his stuffed animals!

ARTH wants to recognize Tracy Hall Slavitsky for managing this special Room Project! We would like to give a Big Thanks to Lowes of Upper Front Street, Binghamton, especially, Ron, Jason and Dave the General Manager. We would also like to thank Holiday Inn Binghamton and IHG for support in this project. Warm Thanks to Integrated Activity Center of Johnson City for providing a Multi-Sensory Environment/Activity Center for Children with Special Needs, Martino Tile, David from 607Handyman, and our volunteers: Bonnie Fisher, Gary & Rosemary Boyce, Frank & Frank James Slavitsky, and Max Kinner!

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