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Brayden's Room

Brayden's Room

Brayden is a 4 year old boy suffering from a rare form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy. As his muscles have been weakening, he now has difficulty climbing the stairs to his second-floor bedroom. ARTH stepped in and turned the family's first floor dining room into his new bedroom!
Brayden loves Buzz Lightyear and everything related to outer space so the team decided to create a space themed bedroom that features a 6 foot wide Buzz Lightyear wall decal, a new bed with up-lighting under it, and plenty of planet decor. The team replaced windows, the ceiling fan, and furniture as well as hung doors to block his space off from the kitchen and living room. Brayden also loves doing his "work" just like his dad, so the team gave him his own desk and work space with plenty of art and craft supplies. His room also includes the full cast of Toy Story in various action figure and stuffed animal form along with a shelf full of new books.
The team consisted of a group of employees from Employee Network Inc (eni) of Vestal. Lisa Brown managed the team which included Chuck LaBarre, Colleen Robinson, Eric Berghorn, Jennifer Serfass, Jodi Hope, Keith Sawyer, and Ken Barton, as well as Ashish Shrivastava who provided ideas and research all the way from India! eni has been raising funds for ARTH this year through $5 denim Fridays. Their goal is to raise enough funds to pay for an entire room remodel by the end of 2019.
In addition to the employees at eni, we'd also like to thank Jason Hensley of Window World who personally donated the replacement windows along with supplies, and labor. Also Paul and Nicole Huff, and Olum's and Lowe's Home Improvement!

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