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Chelsea's Room

Chelsea's Room

Chelsea is 7 years old and diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, she is non-verbal and has ADHD. Because of her challenges with communicating, she has learned to use an iPad to help. In addition, she is homeschooled and has strong sensory needs.
A Room to Heal has created a sensory room for Chelsea as she needs a space to get her energy out, as well as to calm her. This project was led by Leslie Weigand, her son Grady received a room over 3 years ago and this is her way of giving back. Thank you, Leslie and Team!!!
ARTH would like to thank Brushes Over Broome who donated their time and supplies to paint the room. Also shout-outs to Sherwin-Williams who donated the paint and Dundon Construction who donated time to work on the project as well.
More thanks to DiLuzio Electric for installing the light fixture and switch and TJ Hill Fine Carpentry, INC. for working out a low cost price on her beautiful cabinet.
It takes a VILAGE! Thank you to all those involved.

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