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Hugo's Room

Hugo's Room

Hugo is a 6-year-old from Endicott diagnosed with multiple complex medical conditions. He has Polymicrogyria which affects his brain, as well as other difficulties. An elevator was recently installed to assist him in his wheelchair go from the first floor of his home to his bedroom. Once that construction was complete, A Room to Heal project managers Rachel and Lorie were ready to provide healing elements and decor!
Hugo’s bedroom was transformed it into a space where not only his aides can rest, but a space that is completely accessible. His room includes an extra bed for caretakers, blackout curtains, and smart lights to adjust to Hugo's sleep schedule. Hugo’s (and his dad's 😁) love for Star Wars is highlighted throughout the room which also includes sensory and occupational therapy items. To help strengthen his eyes, being able to move his TV around his room is really helpful so he can try to focus when the TV is farther away from him.
We hope this room makes a big difference for Hugo and his family!

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