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Noah's Room

Noah's Room

Noah is an amazing 3-year-old boy with non-verbal autism who loves anything music, books, cars and trucks, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, buttons, boards and anything that he can play with. He is very active and seeks sensory items. He thrives on routine. He communicates with language boards at school and is very electronic savvy. When tired he retreats to a quiet place with tents and pillows. Noah is a very curious child but can be very shy as well.
A Room to Heal partnered with local team “Team Noah” who remodeled the downstairs area for Noah’s healing space. They handed the finished room over to A Room to Heal to create a space that Noah can retreat to as well as work through some of his therapies while having fun at home.
There are so many to thank:
Donors: Steve Pancoast, Fancher Appliance, Olum’s, Torto Construction, New Milford Hardware, Marchuska Bros Window & Glass, Marchuska Bros Construction, Southern Tier Hardwood, Home Depot, Jay Vandermark, Dos Rios, Reclaimed Lumber Products, Jim Baker, Dominic Cosmello, Morgan Gillespie, Golden Oaks Golf Course, The Fancher Family
Team Noah: Rich Fancher, Dan Brown, Dave Ward, Bryan Glasgow, Steve Muscolo, Chris and Wayne Martin, Brady Fancher, Mike Bailey, Andrea Quezada

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