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Zach's Room

Zach's Room

Zach is 14 years old and is in 9th grade in an autistic support classroom. He struggles
with both sensory and social issues. He recently was taken off his ADHD medications,
which has decreased his depression but increased his sensory issues. He likes
hugs/pressure, cuddling with his dogs, swings, and music to calm down.

Zach absolutely loves science, in particular chemistry. He watches many science videos
online and likes to read science books. He also likes memes and puns along with
videogames (his favorite is Shadow of Colossus), Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, owls,
cheetahs, and dinosaurs.

Project manager, Jared Fiske, did an amazing job creating a space perfect for Zach. Past room recipient, Madigan, and her mom, Val, also helped with room!

Thank you Rebel Walls, Nederland, Wayfair, Sherwin-Williams!

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