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Ariana’s Room

March 9, 2018 - March 9, 2024
Ariana gained her wings on her 6th birthday. She was a strong and courageous fighter who touched the lives of all who were privileged to have met her.

Ariana is an adorable 4-year-old who LOVES Moana!! She is non-verbal, epileptic, fed with a G-tube, and cannot breathe on her own, so she is tracheostomy and ventilator dependent. She is taken care of 24/7 by her mother, grandmother, and her nurses. Despite all of her challenges, Ariana has done things doctors never thought she’d be able to do. One of her favorite things to do is watch Moana, so that was naturally the theme for her room.

Brushes Over Broome painted the room and Warehouse Carpet installed new flooring that is easily cleaned. The project team added more closed storage and lots of fun Moana and ocean-themed elements. They also updated the space in their home where all of Ariana’s medical supplies are stored by adding new, closed, cabinetry that makes the space look like an old-fashioned apothecary and functions so much better for them.

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