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The Journey Project Community Room

The Journey Project is a family-based trauma treatment program for families impacted by childhood sexual abuse. What makes them unique from other treatment programs is they treat the entire family using evidenced based practices. They believe it is essential to treat the entire family dysfunction to help children heal from trauma and to improve their caregivers as protective allies for them. The Journey Project is a sub clinic of Family and Children’s Counseling Services, a nonprofit organization.

A team of volunteers created a functional and inviting design in a multi-purpose room that is used for play therapy sessions, family sessions, and children/adolescent groups. Providing a warm and appealing space to help children heal from trauma is what we strived to accomplish. We gave the room a fresh coat of paint and added lots of storage and seating. We added a one-way mirror to make it function better for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy sessions. We hope the space helps the children who attend sessions at The Journey Project feel welcome and special. Thank you to the staff at The Journey Project for being so welcoming and appreciative, we hope you love your new space!

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